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  • The road to a low emission society: Costs of interacting climate regulations 

    Bye, Brita; Kaushal, Kevin R.; Rosnes, Orvika; Turner, Karen; Yonezawa, Hidemichi (Discussion Paper;No. 972, Working paper, 2021-12)
    Transportation is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Climate regulations on transportation are often a mix of sector-specific regulations and economy-wide measures (such as emission pricing). In this ...
  • Marriage before children? First family formation among the children of immigrants in Norway 

    Holland, Jennifer A.; Wiik, Kenneth Aarskaug (Discussion Paper;No. 973, Working paper, 2021-12)
    Differences in the timing and pathway into family life provide insights into the social distance between majority and immigrant-background groups. Increasing similarity in these processes across immigrant generations may ...
  • Selection in Surveys 

    Dutz, Deniz; Huitfeldt, Ingrid; Lacouture, Santiago; Mogstad, Magne; Torgovitsky, Alexander; Dijk, Winnie van (Discussion Paper;No. 971, Working paper, 2021-12)
    We evaluate how nonresponse affects conclusions drawn from survey data and consider how researchers can reliably test and correct for nonresponse bias. To do so, we examine a survey on labor market conditions during the ...
  • School value-added and longterm student outcomes 

    Kirkebøen, Lars J. (Discussion Paper;No. 970, Working paper, 2021-11)
    Several recent studies find that interventions in schools can have important lasting consequences for students, and that schools differ in their contribution to students' learning. However, there is less research investigating ...
  • Alternatives to paying child benefit to the rich: means testing or higher tax? 

    Thoresen, Thor O.; Apps, Patricia; Rees, Ray; Vattø, Trine E. (Discussion Paper;No. 969, Working paper, 2021-11)
    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 implies that the US is effectively moving towards a general child benefit. However, the amount paid out is dependent on income, similar to schemes in several other countries. In the ...

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