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  • Automatic editing of individual statistical observations 

    Nordbotten, Svein (Statistical Standards and Studies;No. 3, Conference lecture, 1963)
    1. Electronic computers or data processing machines have for some years been used at several stages of statistical processing. The fields of application range from sorting, tallying, cumulating and editing to advanced ...
  • Automatic files in statistical systems 

    Nordbotten, Svein (Statistical Standards and Studies. Handbook;No. 9, Conference lecture, 1967)
    The existing statistical systems are designed for satisfying conditions which are changing rapidly today. The most marked feature of the existing systems of many countries is their extensive periodic surveys. The surveys ...
  • Prediction and imputation in ISEE: tools for more efficient use of combined data sources 

    Zhang, Li-Chun; Nordbotten, Svein (Conference lecture, 2008)
    The development of an Integrated System for Editing and Estimation (ISEE) is an important part in Statistics Norway's strategic plans for improvement of statistical production processes and more efficient use of available ...