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    • Smart hedging against carbon leakage 

      Böhringer, Cristoph; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Storrøsten, Halvor Briseid (Discussion papers;No.822, Working paper, 2015-10)
      Unilateral climate policy induces carbon leakage through the relocation of emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries to regions with no or more lenient emission regulation. Both analytical and numerical studies suggest ...
    • Union dissolution and childlessness: New insights from sequence analysis 

      Hart, Rannveig Kaldager (Discussion papers;823, Working paper, 2015-10)
      This study investigates how the association between union dissolution and childlessness depends on life course context. Data on union histories and fertility are taken from the Norwegian GGS. To observe union histories up ...
    • Life time pension benefits relative to life time contributions 

      Fredriksen, Dennis; Stølen, Nils Martin (Discussion papers;825, Working paper, 2015-10)
      Over the life course members of an insurance system normally will contribute by payments when in working age, and later receive pension benefits as e.g. disabled or old-age pensioners. Total expected discounted contributions ...
    • Labor Market Institutions and Wage Inequality in the OECD countries 

      Rossvoll, Ellen Marie; Sparrman, Victoria (Discussion papers;826, Working paper, 2015-10)
      In this paper we attempt to investigate the effect on income inequality of some recent trends in the labour market, changes in regulations of temporary positions and the surge in immigration in many EU-countries. The ...
    • Resource Rent in Norwegian Fisheries: Trends and policies 

      Grimsrud, Kristine; Lindholt, Lars; Greaker, Mads (Discussion papers;No. 827, Working paper, 2015-11)
      A nation’s natural-resources wealth can be estimated via the System of National Accounts (SNA). Because the values of all parameters entering the calculation are conditional on the existing management regime, the optimal ...
    • Public acceptance and willingness to pay cost-effective taxes on red meat and road traffic in Norway 

      Grimsrud, Kristine M.; Lindhjem, Henrik; Sem, Ingvild Vestre; Rosendahl, Knut Einar (Discussion papers;909, Working paper, 2019-06)
      The Norwegian high-level Green Tax Commission proposes inter alia cost-effective taxes on red meat and increased toll charges on road traffic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution, respectively. ...
    • The costs of taxation in the presence of inequality 

      Valseth, Åsmund Sunde; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka (Discussion papers;908, Working paper, 2019-06)
      This paper provides a new and improved measure of the marginal cost of public funds (MCF). It is based on a benchmark tax which is distributionally neutral and non-distortive. This is in contrast to the MCF-measure used ...
    • Ragnar Frisch 1895-1995 

      Bjerkholt, Olav (Documents;1994/3, Working paper, 1994-12)
    • Natural Resource Accounting and Analysis in Norway 

      Alfsen, Knut H. (Documents;1994/2, Working paper, 1994-07)
    • Simple examples on smoothing macroeconomic time series 

      Swensen, Anders Rygh (Documents;1995/1, Working paper, 1995-01)
    • Welfare and the Environment Implications of a recent tax reform in Norway 

      Vennemo, Haakon (Documents;1994/1, Working paper, 1994-07)
    • The consumption Euler equation or the Keynesian consumption function? 

      Boug, Pål; Cappelen, Ådne; Jansen, Eilev S.; Swensen, Anders Rygh (Discussion papers;904, Working paper, 2019-04)
      We formulate a general cointegrated vector autoregressive (CVAR) model that nests both a class of consumption Euler equations and various Keynesian type consumption functions. Using likelihoodbased methods and Norwegian ...
    • Search behavior, aggregate rationality and the discouraged worker effect 

      Dagsvik, John K.; Kornstad, Tom; Skjerpen, Terje (Discussion papers;906, Working paper, 2019-04)
      Discouraged workers are those who have given up search due to (perceived) low chances of obtaining work. In this paper we first develop a model for the probability of being in the labor force as a function of the probability ...
    • Efficient taxation of fuel and road use 

      Bjertnæs, Geir H. M. (Discussion papers;905, Working paper, 2019-04)
      This study calculates efficient taxes on fuel and road use designed to combat driving related externalities. The study shows that the efficient road user charge on fuel is below the marginal mileage-related damage to prevent ...
    • The paradox of the unhappy, growing city: reconciling evidence 

      Carlsen, Fredrik; Leknes, Stefan (Discussion papers;907, Working paper, 2019-05)
      This paper attempts to explain why large cities tend to score low on indices of happiness/life satisfaction, while at the same time experiencing population growth. Using Norwegian survey and register data, we show that ...
    • Vehicle-to-Grid: Impacts on the electricity market and consumer cost of electric vehicles 

      Greaker, Mads; Hagem, Cathrine; Proost, Stef (Discussion papers;903, Working paper, 2019-04)
      Higher battery storage capacity in electric vehicles (EV) can potentially serve two purposes: First, the larger the capacity, the less need for inconvenient recharging during long trips. Second, the larger the capacity, ...
    • Muligheter for statistikk om utsendte arbeidstakere 

      Næsheim, Helge (Notater / Documents;2019 / 6, Working paper, 2019-01-31)
      Flere brukere av sysselsettingsstatistikk er interessert i å få tall for utsendte arbeidstakere. Dette er ansatte i utenlandske foretak som kommer til Norge i forbindelse med at foretaket har fått oppdrag. I notatet ...
    • Kvalitetsarbeid i Statistisk sentralbyrå 

      Sæbø, Hans Viggo (Notater / Documents;2019 / 7, Working paper, 2019-01-31)
      Som en faglig uavhengig institusjon med hovedansvaret for å dekke behovet for statistikk om det norske samfunnet er Statistisk sentralbyrå avhengig av bred tillit. Denne avhenger av at kvaliteten i våre produkter og ...
    • Omlegging av indikatorene for penger og kreditt: Harmonisering med internasjonale standarder og tilpasning til nye kilder 

      Brynestad, Eirin Ingvaldsen; Haugen, Anne Karin Linderud; Tangen, Anne Hege; Vegsund, Heidi; Østensen, Katharina (Notater / Documents;2019 / 9, Working paper, 2019-02-01)
      Omlegging av rapporteringen fra banker, kreditt- og finansieringsforetak, statlige låneinstitutter og Norges Bank fra 2018 førte til at arbeidsprosesser, metoder og programmer i pengemengdestatistikken og kredittindikatoren ...
    • Modell for beregning av boligformue: Oppdatert med tall for 2018 

      Takle, Mona; Medby, Per (Notater / Documents;2019 / 10, Working paper, 2019-02-14)
      Formålet med publikasjonen er å gi en detaljert dokumentasjon av modellen SSB har laget for å beregne markedsverdier for boliger i Norge. Modellen bygger på boligomsetninger de siste ti årene og beregner gjennomsnittlige ...