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  • The Scandinavian contribution to national accounting 

    Aukrust, Odd (Discussion Paper;No. 73, Working paper, 1992-06)
    This paper surveys developments in national accounting theory and methodology in Scandinavia, with the focus on the period from around 1930 to around 1955 when modern national accounting was born. Sections 2-4 provide a ...
  • A criminometric study using panel data and latent variables 

    Aasness, Jørgen; Eide, Erling; Skjerpen, Terje (Discussion Paper;No. 74, Working paper, 1992-12)
    A behavioural model of crime is developed and applied on panel data on the number of crimes and clear-ups for the 53 police districts in Norway for the period 1970-78. The model consists of behavioural relations of the ...
  • Environmental indicators 

    Alfsen, Knut H.; Brekke, Kjell Arne; Brunvoll, Frode; Lurås, Hilde; Nyborg, Karine; Sæbø, Hans Viggo (Discussion Paper;No. 71, Working paper, 1992-04)
    The report discusses possible logical structures and content of a set of environmental indicators for Norway. The emphasis is on structure; proposals for specific indicators and data presented are of a more preliminary nature.
  • Labor supply with non-convex budget sets, hours restriction and non-pecuniary job-attributes 

    Dagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar (Discussion Paper;No. 76, Working paper, 1992-09)
    The basic assumption in this paper is that a household labor supply decision can be considered as choice from a set of discrete alternatives, called matches. The matches are characterized by attributes such as hours of ...
  • Dynamic equilibrium adjustments to a terms of trade disturbance 

    Bye, Brita; Holmøy, Erling (Discussion Paper;No. 72, Working paper, 1992-05)
    This paper investigates how a fall in the price of imports will have dynamic effects in an open economy. We analyse the effects within an aggregated intertemporal equilibrium model with internationally mobile capital. We ...

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