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  • Welfare effects of tax policy change when there are choice restrictions on labour supply 

    Jia, Zhiyang; Thoresen, Thor O. (Discussion Paper;No. 959, Working paper, 2021-08)
    Information about individual choices of heterogeneous agents. Results can for example be used to describe the distributional effects of tax policy change, such as the effects on changes in money metric utility – distributions ...
  • Internal labor markets: A worker flow approach 

    Huitfeldt, Ingrid; Kostøl, Andreas R.; Nimczik, Jan; Weber, Andrea (Discussion Paper;No. 961, Working paper, 2021-08)
    This paper develops a new method to study how workers’ career and wage profiles are shaped by internal labor markets (ILM) and job hierarchies in firms. Our paper tackles the conceptual challenge of organizing jobs within ...
  • The resource rent in Norwegian aquaculture 1984-2020: Calculations applying the National Accounts 

    Greaker, Mads; Lindholt, Lars (Discussion Paper;No. 962, Working paper, 2021-08)
    Extraordinarily high returns in a sector based on the extraction of a natural resource can be referred to as resource rents. This study uses the National Accounts and the definitions of the System of Environmental-Economic ...
  • Plausible futures for the Norwegian Offshore Energy Sector: Business as Usual, Harvest or Rebuild? 

    Stoknes, Per Espen; Aslaksen, Iulie; Goluke, Ulrich; Randers, Jørgen; Garnåsjordet, Per Arild (Discussion Paper;No. 958, Working paper, 2021-08)
    The global energy transition from fossil to low-carbon energy challenges the future of the Norwegian petroleum sector, a major factor in the country’s economy, now facing financial climate risk and longterm declining demand, ...
  • Time to spare and too much care: Congestion and overtreatment at the maternity ward 

    Bensnes, Simon (Discussion Paper;No. 963, Working paper, 2021-09)
    Identifying the causal effect of resource use on health outcomes is generally complicated by endogenous supply and demand adjustments. This paper tackles these issues in the setting of the maternity ward using the number ...

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