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  • Empirical modelling of internal migration and commuting flows for economic regions in Norway 

    Kornstad, Tom; Skjerpen, Terje; Stambøl, Lasse S. (Discussion Paper;No. 966, Working paper, 2021-10)
    This paper provides empirical results for internal migration and commuting flows using panel data for 89 economic regions in Norway for the years 2001-2014. The emphasis is on the potential effects of different incentive ...
  • Green technology policies versus carbon pricing: An intergenerational perspective 

    Rausch, Sebastian; Yonezawa, Hidemichi (Discussion Paper;No. 965, Working paper, 2021-10)
    Technology policy is the most widespread form of climate policy and is often preferred over seemingly efficient carbon pricing. We propose a new explanation for this observation: gains that predominantly accrue to households ...
  • A wealth tax at work 

    Thoresen, Thor O.; Ring, Marius A. K.; Nygård, Odd E.; Epland, Jon (Discussion Paper;No. 960, Working paper, 2021-08)
    Over the past decade, the question of whether and how to tax household wealth has risen to the forefront of policy debates across the world. Norway belongs to only a handful of countries that (still) levy an annual net ...
  • Internal labor markets: A worker flow approach 

    Huitfeldt, Ingrid; Kostøl, Andreas R.; Nimczik, Jan; Weber, Andrea (Discussion Paper;No. 961, Working paper, 2021-08)
    This paper develops a new method to study how workers’ career and wage profiles are shaped by internal labor markets (ILM) and job hierarchies in firms. Our paper tackles the conceptual challenge of organizing jobs within ...
  • Time to spare and too much care: Congestion and overtreatment at the maternity ward 

    Bensnes, Simon (Discussion Paper;No. 963, Working paper, 2021-09)
    Identifying the causal effect of resource use on health outcomes is generally complicated by endogenous supply and demand adjustments. This paper tackles these issues in the setting of the maternity ward using the number ...

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