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    • Tallet på innvandrere og deres etterkommere fram mot år 2050 

      Sevaldson, Per (Rapporter;1991/10, Research report, 1991-06-12)
    • Tannhelse blant vaksne i Sverige og Noreg : Ein sosioøkonomisk analyse 

      Ekornrud, Trond; Skjøstad, Othilde (Rapporter;2016/28, Research report, 2016-10-04)
      Opplysningar frå Sverige kan seie mykje om korleis tannhelsetenesta i Noreg er organisert og blir brukt. For første gong har SSB gjort ei samanlikning mellom dei to landa. Denne rapporten skal auke kunnskapen om ...
    • Tannregulering blant barn og unge. En analyse av behandlingsforløp og sosioøkonomiske forskjeller 

      Ekornrud, Trond; Skjøstad, Othilde; Texmon, Inger (Rapporter;2019/27, Research report, 2019-10-27)
      Barn og unge har rett på vanlig undersøkelse og behandling gjennom den offentlige tannhelsetjenesten. Tannregulering er ikke en del av tilbudet i det offentlige, og de som trenger regulering henvises til spesialiserte ...
    • Targeted carbon tariffs: Carbon leakage and welfare effects 

      Böhringer, Cristoph; Bye, Brita; Fæhn, Taran; Rosendahl, Knut Einar (Discussion papers;805, Working paper, 2015-03)
      Climate effects of unilateral carbon policies are undermined by carbon leakage. To counteract leakage and increase global cost-effectiveness carbon tariffs can be imposed on the emissions embodied in imports from non-regulating ...
    • Targeting public services through unequal treatment of unequals 

      Langørgen, Audun (Discussion Papers;No. 558, Working paper, 2008)
      Abstract: When private goods are publicly provided, government authorities have to determine the distribution of services on recipients. In this paper, the public service provider is assumed to maximize utility defined ...
    • Tariffs in a World Trade Model: An Analysis of Changing Competitiveness Due to Tariff Reductions in the 1960's and 1970's 

      Frenger, Petter; Jansen, Eilev S.; Reymert, Morten (Rapporter;1980/23, Research report, 1980-06-30)
      In 1979 the Research Group of the Central Bureau of Statistics estimated a model for world trade in manufactured goods, with particular emphasis given to the Norwegian export of such goods. The data used covered the ...
    • Tax effects on unemployment and the choice of educational type 

      Alstadsæter, Annette; Kolm, Ann-Sofie; Larsen, Birthe (Discussion Papers;No. 419, Working paper, 2005)
      Abstract: This paper examines the effect of taxes on the individuals' choices of educational direction, and thus on the economy's skill composition. A proportional labour income tax induces too many workers with high ...
    • Tax reform, sector-specific labor supply and welfare effects 

      Dagsvik, John K.; Locatelli, Marilena; Strøm, Steinar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2009)
      This paper focuses in particular on the 1992 tax reform in Norway. In this reform the top marginal tax rates were cut considerably. We find that the impact on overall labor supply is rather modest, but these modest changes ...
    • Tax reforms when utility is composed of additive functions 

      Vennemo, Haakon (Discussion Paper;78, Working paper, 1993-01)
      The paper discusses how a tax reform should be designed when utility can be written as additive, separable in an additive sub function, or nested additive. General characterization results can be simplified considerably ...
    • Tax reforms, dividend policy and trends in income inequality : empirical evidence based on Norwegian data 

      Fjærli, Erik; Aaberge, Rolf (Discussion Papers; No. 284, Working paper, 1999)
    • Taxation of fuel and vehicles when emissions are constrained 

      Bjertnæs, Geir H. M. (Discussion Paper;No. 949, Working paper, 2021-03)
      A tax on fuel combined with tax exemptions or subsidies for fuel-efficient vehicles is implemented in many countries to fulfill the Paris agreement and to curb mileage-related externalities from road traffic. The present ...
    • Taxation of housing. Killing several birds with one stone 

      Bø, Erlend Eide (Discussion Papers;No. 829, Working paper, 2015-11-19)
      The Norwegian public policy debate regularly returns to the private housing market. Housing prices have increased by 200 percent in real terms over the last two decades, a large share of households have high debt ratios, ...
    • Taxation, unemployment and growth: dynamic welfare effects of "green" policies 

      Bye, Brita (Discussion Papers;No. 183, Working paper, 1996)
      This paper analyses the effects of so-called "green" tax reforms on a small, open economy producing an imperfect substitute for foreign goods, using an intertemporal general equilibrium model. The labour market is characterised ...
    • Taxes on the internet. Deterrence effects of public disclosure 

      Bø, Erlend E.; Slemrod, Joel; Thoresen, Thor O. (Discussion papers;770, Working paper, 2014-01)
      Supporters of public disclosure of personal tax information point to its deterrent effect on tax evasion, but this effect has not been empirically explored. Although Norway has a long tradition of public disclosure of tax ...
    • Taxing Consumption to Mitigate Carbon Leakage 

      Kaushal, Kevin Raj; Rosendahl, Knut Einar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Unilateral actions to reduce CO2 emissions could lead to carbon leakage such as relocation of emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries (EITE). To mitigate such leakage, countries often supplement an emissions trading ...
    • Taxing energy - why and how? : the present policies across western countries 

      Bye, Torstein; Bruvoll, Annegrete (Rapporter;2008/28, Research report, 2008)
      A range of motives underlie energy related taxes. Typical reasons are collection of the ground/scarcity rent in resource extraction, taxation of monopoly profit and to collect public revenues. Energy taxes may also serve ...
    • Taxing or subsidising an exporting industry? 

      Klette, Tor Jakob (Discussion Paper;No. 25, Working paper, 1987-10-16)
      This paper analyses whether a welfare maximizing government should tax or subsidize the home firms in an industry characterized by. oligopolistic competition and differentiated products. The home firms are assumed to ...
    • Technological changes in the pulp and paper industry and the role of uniform versus selective environmental policy 

      Bruvoll, Annegrete; Bye, Torstein; Larsson, Jan; Telle, Kjetil (Discussion Papers;No. 357, Working paper, 2003)
      Abstract: Although environmental regulations may imply a cost increase on firm's conventional input factors, such regulations could stimulate the incentives to improve factor productivity. Productivity measures including ...
    • Technology, trade and inequality 

      Bjørnstad, Roger; Skjerpen, Terje (Discussion Papers;No. 364, Working paper, 2003)
      Abstract: In recent decades new technology has led to increasing demand for well-educated labour at the expense of labour with lower education levels. Moreover, increased imports from low-cost countries have squeezed ...
    • Teknisk rapport for pilotundersøkelsen av forsøpling i Kristiansand kommune 

      Oguz-Alper, Melike (Notater / Documents;2019/35, Working paper, 2019-09-30)
      Søppelundersøkelser har blitt gjennomført i Sverige i rundt ti år i samarbeid med Hold Sverige Rent (HSR), Statistiska centralbyrå (SCB) og svenske kommuner. I 2017 ble det planlagt å gjennomføre en slik undersøkelse i ...